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We build apps to enhance Dungeon & Dragons experience. We love face-to-face games, that's why we created a platform that improves face-to-face dynamics. Our biggest motivation is to include the advantages of technology to the board gaming experience.

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D&D Spellcards 5e

for spellcaster characters

Character Creation

Create your character choosing race, class, level, spellcasting ability score.

Prepare Spells

Learn and prepare spells depending on your characer's class.

Spell limits

Calculate your prepared spell limit and will alert when you get over it.

Spell Filters

Use advanced filter to find spells by level, school and others.

Consume Slots

The app will alert you when you no longer have available spell slots.

Restore Slots

Are you ready for battle again? Restore spell slots!

Initiative Tracker

for Dungeon Masters

Campaign Creator

Create your campaign, add campaign's monster, heros and pack of monsters.


Track initiatives, hp of heros and monsters, roll dice automatically and more.

Pack of monsters

Create pack of monsters to add them quickly on the battefield!

Monster info card

Check the monster info card quickly tapping on the monsters on the battefield.

Battlefield Autosaves

Battlefield autosaves to continue with the game whenever you want.

Monsters Creator

Create your own monsters and edit existing ones.

Video Overview

D&D Spellcards 5e

“When in doubt always follow your nose”